How to setup a domain separate from hosting

How to setup a domain separate from hosting

Whether your domain is registered with your hosting package or registered elsewhere, the process of managing your domain and hosting isn’t that much different. The biggest difference, here, is having two accounts, one for your web host and one for the domain.

Now, if you switch hosting companies, all you would have to do is update nameservers settings to the new hosting company’s name server like ours and, and that’s it

Remember though, any time you make a DNS change, like this, it could take up to 48 hours to propagate. Meaning it takes time for the DNS to take effect, across the internet. Though, in our personal experience, it usually doesn’t take quite that long. Now, if we were using a website builder, like Weebly instead, you could connect your domain name there, as well. Weebly has added many of the popular options listed here.

Some websites, don’t allow you to use custom domain names with their platform, so instead, you can forward your domain. So, when a user types in, it will automatically redirect to your Facebook page or a custom domain.

Setting up your domain and hosting usually happens at the beginning of a project, so it’s easy to forget all of the different steps. Our advice would be to pick a domain registrar or a hosting company (like us) that includes 24/7 customer service, and a help center with lots of documentation.

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