FTP and SFTP explained

FTP and SFTP explained

FTP/SFTP (File Transfer Protocol) explained

When you signed up for web hosting, you’re renting space on a web server for your website files. In a previous post we’ve explained how to set up the nameservers to point to your website, but since you haven’t uploaded any files yet, this why your website site has a blank white page, or an empty directory in case you see a white page when you acces your website.

Depending on your host set up, you may also see a default landing page from the host that may have some kind of this website is under construction messaging. FTP stands for file transfer protocol, and is used to transfer your files from your computer to the web server. SFTP stands for secure file transfer protocol. It works the same as FTP, but there’s an extra layer of security.

This protocol encrypts the data being transferred. When possible use SFTP over FTP. FTP clients are software that allow you to connect to the server and upload or download files between your computer and the web server. There are plenty of free software such as Cyberduck or FileZilla. Once you have a client downloaded to connect to the web server, you’ll need some information such as your FTP or server address, your FTP username and password.

This information should be included in your welcome email from your hosting company or if you host with us you should have received an email with those information. Or, simply open a ticket and we are happy to help with your ftp setup for free.

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